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The Company

Consultan offers a full service for its clients and has a sophisticated and selected portfolio of upscale and high end apartments and villas in Portugal. We also provide immigration consultancy and process organization for the "Golden Visa Program" and "Non Habitual Residents", as well as, structured investments for international investors interested in real estate development and real estate income products in Portugal.

With more than 4 decades of tradition on the real estate market, Consultan is one of the most reputable real estate consultant companies in Portugal, where it operates since 1989, with a strong background from the Brazilian market, where the company was founded in 1974 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, which holds one of the most dynamic and creative real estate markets worldwide.

The company has participated in the preparation and launch of more the one hundred big real estate developments in Portugal, which leads to a successful result on the majority of the promotions where the company were involved, with more than 5.000 units sold. This results have been achived due to the implementation of meticulous and thorough analyses of the projects, new marketing techniques, well trained sales team and by introducing to the market new real estate products, that contributes to modernize and change the way Portuguese real estate market operates.

Nowadays Consultan develops its business in several countries, mainly in Brazil, Russia, UK, China, France, Israel and Turkey, always supported on local partners and digital platforms.

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