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Tax Benefits
Portugal has recently approved important measures to streamline the tax system called the resident non-habitual, established in 2009. Currently, the system is fully operational and offers significant tax benefits to those wishing to take up residence in Portugal.

The usual non-tax resident status applies to people who:

- Not having been tax resident in Portuguese territory in any of the previous five years;

- Acquire tax residence in Portugal, meeting the residency criteria established in Portuguese law, staying in Portugal for more than 183 days in the year in question, or having, on 31 December (the year in question) housing in conditions which are supposed intend to maintain and occupy as habitual residence;

Tax benefits offered by Portugal apply in two ways:

- Foreign-source income: tax exemption on income in Portugal provided that the requirements are met;

- Income from dependent or independent exercised in Portugal due to activities deemed by the government as being of "high added value": incidence of a flat rate of 20% income tax (plus a temporary surcharge of 3.5% while is in progress the Financial Rescue Program Troika).

This system offers unique opportunities:

- The income earned pensions in a state with which Portugal has entered into an agreement to avoid double taxation are exempt from taxation. Moreover, the treaties in tax matters usually reserve the taxation of income for the pensioner's state of residence: taxation is not made in the state of source of income from pension. The person acquiring the unusual status of resident in Portugal may therefore be exempted from taxation of your pension income.

Subject to individual assessment, the same could be applied to income from other categories such as capital income.

The benefits under the non-habitual resident of the tax system are granted for a period of 10 years.
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