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What is Golden Visa

Portugal has recently approved a law which simplifies the emission of residential permit for foreign investors.

With the acquisition of real estates, at the price of or over 500 thousand euros, wether by one´s personal name or the name of the ernterprise, the foreign investors will have access to a temporary residential permit for five years.

There´s still the option of obtaining the Golden Visa through the creation of ten workplaces or by money transference in a sum of or up to a million euros.

In the end of the fifth the investor can request for the residential permit and in the end of six years choose to gain portuguese nationality, with the benefit of an european passport.

The benefits of the Golden Visa are extendable to the whole family

The process is fast and bureaucracy-free.


How to obtain the Golden Visa

Concession of the residential permit for investment through the acquisition of real estates:

- Acquisition of one or more real estates, of which the sum is less than €500.000,00;

- The investment can be of any real estate, residential or commercial, which can be rented;

- The real estate can be acquired in co-property, as long as the vlue of the applicant´s co-share is less than €500.000,00;

- The making of a buy and sell contract is sufficient to prove the investment, as long as the sign is less than €500.000,00;

- If the sum of acquired real estates is above €500.000,00, the exceeding share can be made through a bank transference.

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